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Progress Tech believes business can grow faster and to the higher degree with right partnership, communicatioin and understanding among involved organizations. We have been in favor of engaging to those service providers or consumers who really value these business fundamentals.

Our Solutions

IT Consulting

Progress tech solutions provide great value to your business with your existing IT resources. We understand how effective technology trends and business needs to work together to develop an IT strategy that attains broader business goals.

Software Solutions

We provide effective software solutions for your business problem. Whatever may be the reason; build, expand or maintain your system, our tech expertise provide effective solutions 24/7. We provide UI/UX design, application development, software development, testing services for your enterprise.


Progress Tech Solutions provide experienced and talented trainers of respective fields. On training you will have the great opportunity to work in real time project under the guidance of expertise from design to the production level. Trainers here will make you expert in subject matter making every steps easier to understand.


Our outsourcing service includes
  • Software Development and maintenance
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development

Our Services

We offer the full spectrum of IT and Staffing services to help your organizations work better. Everything from providing standards of excellence to operate your business to be more effective, assessing how you’re doing, and helping you perform even better in future. Very few others do this, and none have been doing it as long as we have.

IT Consulting

We work at multiple levels based on our clients’ needs, whether defining the enterprise IT Strategy or focusing on a specific function. Our consultants bring experience based on an understanding of the Energy business, Banking, Finanace, Health, Government, Insurance, and Academics. They understand how effective technology trends and business needs work together to help develop an IT strategy that supports and enables the broader business goals. We work with clients to define application strategies, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategies, infrastructure strategies, collaboration strategies, outsourcing strategies, and others. Our consultants will not just work with you, but will find suitable and effective solutions to all your business problems. Our Consulting talent combines highly skilled and qualified professionals with proven best practice methodologies developed through real world experience with our many clients. The results are best; projects are delivered on schedule, within specifications, and most importantly, our solution that aligns with your current and emerging business requirements and objectives.


At Progress Tech Solutions, we work together with our client to help develop the products, at different levels. Whatever may be the reasons to build, to expand or to maintain the system, our tech experts are ready and available 24/7. As mergers and consolidations happen, there is a need to bridge applications and access data from multiple systems. There are many application development environments and platforms in use today. The rise of Internet technologies in the past few years have superseded many of the client/server applications in use. Despite difficulties and speedy technology changes, teams at Progress Tech are here to make the required business need happen.


IT Training is an important aspect and its proper use can make or break your career and businesses. As technology is growing, the depth knowledge/skills is not easy to keep up with for everyone. Our training team consists of top talented and technology passionate trainers. Their only goal is to provide the best on-campus or online training classes for you to succeed. Our training materials are updated frequently as technology updates, and based on our client's need. You will have a great opportunity to work in a real time project while on training, under the watch of some of the best mind in respective technology. You will work together with many others to build an application from ground up to the production level. Trainers here are to help you make each little steps today so that you can be an expert in subject matter very quickly. Our efficient and easy to understand course materials will make your anxiety to disappear forever.


Get Trained with
Must upto date, Market demanding technologies. Peer up with technology certified, subject matter experts you what to want to be

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Careers offered by PTS

PTS is very happy to offer careers below. Please select and apply, one of our associates will reach out to you soon.

About Us

Services we provide to our selected clients are:

  • Application Development
  • Application Support
  • Quality Analyst
  • Scrum Master
  • Website Development
  • IT Training
  • Java Developer
  • Don Net Developer

Progress Tech Solutions

Progress Tech Solutions is a military vetran owned business enterprise base in Dallas, TX. We are, primarily, an information technology (IT) consulting service provider to our clients on achieving their goal and stay cimpetitive. Our expert consultants provide a quality, cost effective, productive and reliable services. We train and retrain our conulstants if needed for them to keep up with the new technology. We provide our online and on campus resources to consultants so that they can surpass the client's expectations.



"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"-Ford. We do it because this is not just the right thing to do but we believe in it like many other successful businesses.



Time is money, money has value in business. We respect your time, value, clients and resources as much as we do ours. So expect no less from Progress Tech's professionals.


One Stop Solutions

We are expanding and also we strive to maintain the trust our clients have in us. We do IT Consulting, Software Development, IT Training and more... One Stop Solutions!

Progress Tech Solutions


Our business objective is to continue to grow, and grow together with our business partner by achieving the trust and loyalty. Progress Tech treats its clients and consultants with outmost respect and as a true partner. To thrive in a competitive market, we need to think out side the box and yet continue the practices that have been working. Making the services cost effective, productive, effiecent, and pushing it to the higher quality will ensure our bright future and our partnet's as well.


Vision comes from: what a business expects from other partners and how far they willing to go on ups and downs. Progress Tech Solutions firmly believes success or failure of its clients shapes the company's future. We seek to work with others to stay competitive and be able to expand the service areas. The ability to give back to the community and be able to help for the greater human cause will meet the goal.

Hard Work

Beside many other attributes Hard Work will set everyone apart from being in 1% or the rest. Team Progress Tech undestands it very well and we talk about it quite often. We do it becuase we value the importance of time, effor, and trust. Hard Work helps our partners excel in their business.


As much as Hard Work is important as it is the Fun. We respect each others freedom and personal life but also we care as much to share the personal stuff! We laugh, we eat, and we celebrate as a team. This has been working for to stay connected at work and planning to stick with it!

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Our Clients

What our clients like most about Progress Tech Solutions? If you have not, think about it you might be missing the greatest thing in IT.

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